Kinesiology Explained

Kinesiology uses the incredible tool of muscle response to understand where imbalance lies in the body.

In essence, Kinesiology seeks to find out what your body needs, through muscle response. This technique can help you get back to your peak physical state. Also, assist with cognitive performance and balance your emotional state.

Kinesiology can

  • Remove toxins
  • Shift blockages in the brain-body system
  • Improve memory
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Focus
  • Determination

By creating new neural pathways you help efficient healing and progress. This allows your creativity and passion for life to flow.

Why Try Kinesiology?

  • Is your sporting technique up to scratch? Is work affecting your posture and physical alignment?
  • Reprogram reactive muscle patterns and relieve aching areas in your body.

Using acupressure techniques to clear toxins and improve nutrients to specific areas required by your body. Treatment effects can be felt straigh away.

Sabotage Clearing 

Do you find you’re experiencing reoccurring life mishaps? Are you stuck in a rut? Sabotage Clearing is a brain integration technique that taps into your body, making it aware of of how limiting these blocks can be to your system.

Some areas this might be useful:

  • Focus and concentration
  • Achieve peak sporting performance
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Difficulty communicating your needs
  • Cycle of stress and overwhelm
  • Deep dehydration


  • Translate emotional blocks into awareness and effortless change
  • Conscious choice
  • Noticeable, profound effects