Sports and Work Injury Treatments Explained

Sports Injuries

Are you a weekend warrior or a dedicated sports peron. Have started a new training regime and are suffering the effects of a new enthusiastic trainer? Either way repetitive injuries can occur when we overuse one muscle set, or push beyond our usual limits to improve technique, speed, strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

Deep tissue massage techniques can realign muscle fibres, break up any fibrous scar tissue or sticky collagen fibres that may be congregating. This technique can get you moving quicker and more efficiently, with less collateral damage, compensation and discomfort.

Using Kinesiology we can investigate any bad habits you may have. Then reprogram your muscle response for peak energy usage and performance improvement.

Work Injuries

Desk jockey? Did you know that staring at a computer can lead to severe neck and shoulder pain, frozen shoulders, headaches and lower back pain? If you commute to work daily, add sciatic pain to that list. Posture correction and specific stretches can minimise the impact. Terrigal Bodywork’s remedial massage will release your chest and upper back muscles, and a Kinesiology balance will ensure all muscles are working at the right ratio.

Standing all day? Circulation can be affected and hamstrings begin to tighten. The curvature of your spine can change as you fatigue. Resting on one leg all day can lead to ankle and knee pain as well as sciatic pain and middle back discomfort.

Heavy lifting and climbing? Joints begin feeling the strain. Lower back pain becomes consistent, forearms, elbows and shoulders begin to pain, Are you activating your core and abdominal muscles to support your lower back? Kinesiology muscle balance and massage to release hamstrings and lower back tension are the key, along with calf stretches.

We are an accredited provider with Workcover NSW should you injure yourself in the workplace.

Life Injuries

Maybe you slouch on the couch and your back is starting to complain. Do you stay up late staring at the computer / phone / tablet / television creating headaches, neck strain, stinging eyes? Keeping your muscles treated, preventing long term build up of tension and stress can reduce this..