Remedial Massage Benefits Explained

Posture: Release postural muscle tension improving comfort and mobility.

Flexibility: Remedial Massage enhances flexibility and range of motion.

Heart health: Massage lowers blood pressure and improves blood circulation.
There is improved lymphatic drainage from the extremities.

Pregnancy: Pregnancy health and comfort during rapid shape change. Relieve pelvic tension and prepare for delivery. Reduce swelling in feet and hands.

Hormone Health: Massage can help regulate hormone secretions, including balancing adrenalin, cortisol, serotonin and insulin levels.

Headaches: Relieve neck tension and headaches and improve visual acuity.

TMJ: Release jaw tension and reduce teeth grinding.

Wellbeing: Calm mental attitude, whilst improving mental focus and concentration.

Growth: Release fascia surrounding muscle, allowing growth.

Injury Repair: Recover quicker, realign muscle fibres and support structures surrounding injury.

Cleanse: Improve detoxification and elimination of waste.

Body Reshaping: Massage helps aid weight loss, cleansing toxins from built up pockets in the feet, legs, hips and arms.

Skin: Improve circulation to skin, cleansing environmental toxins, nourish and moisturise with organic oils to replenish and refresh.